Advanced Meta Tag Generator

Advanced Meta Tag Generator

On one typical development day, i end up creating more than 20 pages for some online portal. Now for SEO i need to add meta tags in each one of those. When i started adding meta tags in 2nd page i end up thinking there might be a tools developed for generating meta tag. As always, this was unusual day as i didn't found any such tool which would provide me code for all type of meta tags. So i thought of creating a open source Advanced Meta Tag Generator Tool.

I created Advanced Meta Tag Generator which ceate meta tags of following type:

Visit Website

After creating this tools, now i have some more tools in mind which can be developed by developer community. If anyone wanna countribute for these Open source Developer tools, you can contact me here.

Project Name : Advanced Meta Tag Generator
Project Type : Open Source Tool
Release : Oct,2016
Role : Designer, Front end Developer & Back end Developer

Below is the screenshot of page from where you can copy final code and paste it in your web application.


You can either copy code by selecting all text or i have added icon on Top right corder, You can just click on icon and code will be copied to your clipboard.